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Builders and Building

Introduction:I apologize for presenting this paper to a learned Society. It is not a learned discussion. It was originally written for delivery to a mixed group of masons and non masons, and has since been used on a number of occasions as a light hearted look at the origins of the operative craft, with a…

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Law and Order

I presume that any member of the Lodge, or any similar Lodge, should have at any rate in his own mind, a reason for his choice of a subject when submitting a paper to his fellow members. If he can convince his hearers that his reason is sound, he will surely have justified his choice,…

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Canadian Masons

Royal Arch Mason – Spring 1975 Freemasons in both Canada and the United States are proud of the fact that six of the 14 Prime Ministers of Canada have been members of the Fraternity. The Canadian government has issued stamps honoring its Prime Ministers. The sixth was John G. Diefenbaker, 13th Prime Minister (1957-62), for…

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